Proposed Guidelines for the Group Brews...

March 11, 2015 3:54 PM | Joe Mikus



     Suggestions for group brew.  Because the bylaws cover the group brews we can not change anything without a vote to change such.  So I will explain some guidelines to inform our members how the GB will work.

     1.  For members that do not have the pots, pans, carboys and other equipment to brew 10 gallons in one day they may brew 5 gal on the day of the GB that will be for the club to use as needed.  You may brew the remainder within the next week for your use.

     2.  To purchase the ingredients The Brew Shop will assist you and place the charges on the Club account up to $65.00.  This generally is more than is needed for most brews

     3.  Attendees are expected to bring some snacks and beer to share.   The host may provide some food if they desire.  Some host go great length to supply food for club members at these events some are more refrained.  It is your choice as it can take more time to prepare  than you have available.

    4.  The GB is an educational project that both informs the host and the club members that take part.  Most conversations will about brewing equipment use and ingredients.  I have attended many GBs and have learned much from all of them.  I have also seen many of our members share their experience both good and bad.

   5.   Most GB start at about 10:00 and members arrive when can and stay until the spouse calls or has set a time limit.  The brew is usually done by 3:00.  Then some party for a while.   

   6.   One of the most important things at these gathering is the members have good time and get acquainted with each other.

   7.   This a volunteer activity to improve our club.  SO PLEASE volunteer.



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