Member Benefits

Here is a list of benefits for Club members current on their dues and have received a COHO membership card:

  • Use of the COHO group brew system1
  • Use of the COHO Beer Gun1
  • Use of COHO owned brewing Equipment1
  • Monthly group brews- this is a great place to get in the field training
  • Signup to host a group brew and keep half the batch!
  • Monthly meetings- this is a great place to sample homebrew and ask questions
  • General club meeting held every 3rd Wednesday
  • 5% Discount at The Brew Shop, 2524 NE Division Street, Bend
  • 5% Discount at Redmond Craft Brewing Supply, 235 Southwest 6th St., Redmond
  • Discount at Motion & Flow, 20581 Painters Ct, Bend (off Boyd Acres S of Empire)
  • Discount at Airgas, 63051 Plateau Dr, Bend (off Empire just E of Boyd Acres)
  • Discount at Motion & Flow
  • Discount at Airgas

Beer Discount Program (Excludes happy hour and sale prices; Need to show your COHO membership card)

  • $1.00 off Pints at Deschutes Pub, 1044 NW Bond Street, Bend Or
  • $1.00 off 64 oz growler fill at Boneyard Beer, 37 NW Lake Pl, Bend
  • $1.00 off your first pint at Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood, Bend
  • $1.00 off your first pint at The Pour House, 1085 SE 3rd St, Bend
  • $1.00 off 64 & 128 oz growlers and 50 cents off any pint at both Growler Guys locations, 27th & Hwy 20 Shell Station and Newport & College Way Chevron
  • $1.00 off 64 oz growler fill at Growler Phil's (on Galveston, across from 10 Barrel)
  • $1.00 off 64 oz growler fill at Gorilla Growlers 20425 NE Empire, Bend (at the Empire Car Wash)
  • $1.00 off 64 oz. growler fill and $1.00 off first pint at Big Dog Growler station, 61160 S Hwy 97, Bend (not during happy hour or special pricing periods)
  • $1.00 off first beer and $1.00 off 64 oz growler fills at Riverbend Brewing, at the corner of Hwy 97 and Division St, across the road from the river.
  • 10% off your bill at Platypus Pub
  • Discount on your CO2 at OXARC Inc.
  • Monkless Belgian Ales has come on board with a 10% off everything for card carrying club members (20750 High Desert Lane #107, Bend, OR, 97701).
  • $1.00 off first pint at Kobold “The Vault” Taphouse”.  (245 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756).
  • 50 cents off any Pint at Growler Guy’s                 
  • $1 off Pints at Deschutes Pub                                 
  • $1 off 1st Pint at Big Dog Growlers                       
  • $1 off 1st Pint at Silver Moon Brewing                  
  • $1 off 1st Pint at The Pour House                          
  • $1 off 1st Pint at Riverbend Brewing                     
  • $1 off 1st Pint at Kobold Taphouse
  • $1 off first Pint at Monkless Belgian Ales 
  • $1 off 64oz growler fill at Boneyard Beer
  • $1 off 64/128oz growler fills Growler Guy’s
  • $1 off 64oz growler fill at Growler Phil’s
  • $1 off 64oz growler fill at Gorilla Growlers
  • $1 off 64oz growler fill at Big Dog Growlers
  • $1 off 64oz growler fill at Riverbend Brewing 
  • 5% discount at The Brew Shop 
  • 10% off bill at Platypus Pub 
  • Discount on your C02 at OXARC Inc.

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