COHO Policies


Members may not smoke/vape at the Club Monthly Meetings. Members of legal age may use Marijuana at COHO events if the following conditions are met:

1. They have permission from the property owner/host.

2. They move away from the main group to smoke or vape.

3. They do not pressure anyone to participate in smoking/vaping/ingesting Marijuana.

Any beer, mead, cider, wine, food or other beverage brought to a COHO event that has Marijuana in it must be clearly labeled in a conspicuous manner.


To protect our relationships with local businesses, no member of COHO shall solicit donations from any business without permission from the COHO board.

Taster Glasses

To reduce the use of one time use plastics, members are expected to bring their own taster glass to Monthly Meetings. New members will be given a taster glass at their first meeting.

Group Brew Beer

The host of the monthly group brew is provided ingredients by the club. At the next monthly meeting 5 gallons of the 10 gallons brewed must be brought and shared with the members. Occasionally the Board will ask for beer donations for an event. If a Host has any of the club’s 5 gallons remaining, it is expected to be donated.


Guests are welcome at meetings, group brews and most other public club events. After a guest has attended three events, they will be encouraged to join the club.


No pets are allowed at Aspen Ridge (general meeting location). At other club events, the pet owner must first ask the property owner/host if it is ok if they bring their pet. Pets must be leashed. Pet owners are expected to follow any and all local laws and regulations regarding where pets are allowed. Service animals are allowed as per the ADA. Emotional support animals and therapy animals are NOT considered service animals under the ADA.

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