COHO is a club that was founded in 2005 as a means for our members to educate themselves and others about brewing beer, wine, and other fermentable beverages. Some call this a hobby; others call it an obsession, but we're all in it to associate ourselves with like minded individuals that have a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for an enjoyable time. Most of us are from Bend, Oregon and the surrounding communities. The club is open to the public, and people that have an interest are encouraged to participate.

The best way to really find out more about us is to stop by one of our monthly meetings, held the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Come and check out the club to see if you like it, and either sign up at the meeting, or you can always join online (Join Us).

And please join our Facebook group to chat about homebrewing, share links and photos, talk about group brews, and more! We also have a Facebook page where we share events and promote the Club to the world at large. Come by and say hi and share a beer with us!


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