Category 1-8 Lagers, Hybrids, and English pale ale
First Place - Ted Hausotter (German Pilsner)
Second Place - Randy Scorby (May the Schwarz be with you Schwarz Bier)
Third Place - Randy Scorby (Bea's Bitter)

Category 9 Scottish and Irish Ales
First Place - Ted Hausotter (Beer #4)
Second Place - Gary Wirt (Bit Heavy)
Third Place - Tom Gilles (The Mad Piper)

Category 10 American Ales
First Place - Kris McBride / Skip Antonson (Flat Tire Fluid)
Second Place - Curtis Endicot / Scott Lesmeister (Lunar Eclipse Red)
Third Place - Leroy Spoden - (American Pale)

Category 12-13 Porters and Stouts
First Place - Charlie Shepley (Irish Export Stout)
Second Place - Phillipe Cornet (Sheller)
Third Place - Gabe Gillam (Aotis Black the 3rd)

Category 14 IPA
First Place - Wesley and Jen Detweiler (Vered)
Second Place - Andrew Werbrock (IIPA)
Third Place - Brett Thomas (Skunk Ape IPA)

Category 15-18 Germans and Belgians
First Place - John Britton (Boysenberry Lambic)
Second Place tie - Jeff Neil (BD) and Randy Scorby (The Hermanizer)
Honorable mention - Mark Mott (Drooling Dubbel)

Category 19-22 Strong Ales, Fruit Beers, Spice/ Herb/ Vegetable, Smoked/
Wood Aged
First Place - Randy Scorby (Old Baldy)
Second Place - Jennifer Kopp (Chocolate Hazelnut Brown)
Third Place - Evan Clark (Holly Jolly Juny?)

Category 23-28 Specialty Beer, Meads, and Ciders
First Place - Dylan Sigstedt (Strawberry Kiwi melomel)
Second Place - Larry Johnson (Jubie)
Third Place - Dylan Sigstedt (Sunshine Yellow mead)

There 145 entries total, way more than we expected.  Best of Show went as
followed -

Best of Show - Ted Hausotter (German Pils)
Best of Show Runner Up - John Britton (Boysenberry Lambic)
Best of Show Second Runner up - Charlie Shepley (Irish Export Stout)

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