COHO - 2023 Club Competition Schedule

BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines will be used for 2023 competitions. Many more details on the 2023 competition are available here.

Beer Style  BJCP Style # Beer Submission Date  Suggested Brew Months 
Dark British Beer 16 A, B, C, D March 4, 2023  January - February
Fruit Beer* 29 A, B, C, D May 6, 2023  December - March
Summer Shandy Challenge


Rules are here.

July, 2023

(at the annual campout and river float) 

 May - June 

Strong American Ale

22 A, B, C, D Aug 5, 2023  March - July




4 B  Nov 4, 2023  August - October

Note: * Submissions for Fruit beer must identify the base beer and fruit used.

**  The festbier is a Best Skilled Brewer Challenge. Entrants will buy a set package of ingredients (see recipe link above) and guidelines. One documented ingredient exception is allowed. The brewer may change either 1) Hops or 2) Specialty Grains. Everything else must be the same (e.g. – tap water, base malts, yeast).  

To Enter: Deliver two (2) 12oz bottles and two (2) 22oz bottles of your beer to Pete Ostner (contact info is in club newsletters) and pay the $5 entry fee either via cash or directly to the club's Zelle account ( Please attach a BJCP bottle ID form to each bottle with a rubber band, NOT tape. Please also submit a BJCP recipe/entry form.

COHO Club-Only Quarterly Club Competitions


To encourage club members to learn how to brew to BJCP Style Guidelines; to experience entering AHA sponsored competitions; to improve members' overall brewing skills, knowledge and experience; and most importantly to have fun brewing new and different beers.

Competition Guidelines:

  • There will be 4 competitions per year. The beer styles will be selected from the 2021 BJCP style guidelines.
  • Competitions are open only to COHO members in good standing.
  • 1 entry per member, $5 entry fee.
  • Submit 2 12-ounce bottles, and 2 22-ounces bottles (or 4 12-ounce bottles if unavoidable). All bottles shall have the BJCP bottle ID form rubberbanded to each bottle that you enter, along with the BJCP entry form for the beer.
  • All COHO brewers, both all grain and extract brewers, are encouraged to enter.
  • Each beer will be judged in 2 categories:
    1. People's Choice competition. At the COHO meeting following the entry date, the beers will be poured for all the club members to taste. Each club member will be given 5 beans (votes) to vote for their stylistically accurate beers. Voting will be anonymous.
    2. BJCP judged competition. COHO certified judges and judges in training will score the beers per BJCP guidelines using BJCP scoresheets; all entrants will received judges' scoresheets with feedback on their beer.


  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in both the People's Choice and the BJCP judged competitions will be given at each quarterly competition.
  • An annual award, COHO Brewer of the Year, will be awarded to the brewer who earns the most points during the year. These awards will be announced at the annual Holiday Party in December.
  • Points will be awarded to winners in both the People's Choice and the BJCP judged competitions.
  • Points for BJCP judged competitions will be awarded as follows:
    • 10 points for 1st place
    • 9 points for 2nd place
    • 8 points for 3rd place
    • 7 points for 4th place
  • Points for People's Choice competition will be awarded as follows:
    • 5 points for 1st place
    • 4.5 points for 2nd place
    • 4 points for 3rd place
    • 3.5 points for 4th place
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded to participants to enter beer in each of the 4 competitions during the year.

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