From Maura Schwarz: Full HERMS brewing equipment for sale; also kegerator

  • April 02, 2018 9:49 AM
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    I have to sell my brewing equipment. Everything included. Asking $750.

    I can send more photos if you want.

    • HERMS or gravity system. Designed for one person to do entire brew session w/o assistance.
    • Chugger pump
    • Blickman therminator chiller (larger size to handle 10 gal batches)
    • 2 converted keggles (legally purchased) for mash tun and boil kettle. False bottom screen on tun; bazooka screen on boil kettle; thermometers; fittings
    • 1 7 gal stainless kettle (hot liquor tank)
    • copper recirculating coil & hosing
    • simple hop spider & bags
    • wood stirring paddle
    • 7 gal propane tank & fitting
    • propane banjo burner stove (210 BTU)
    • Camp Chef propane burner w/legs (shown under hot liquor tank w/o legs attached)
    • 1 6.5 gal glass carboy w/handle
    • 1 7 gal plastic better bottle carboy
    • carboy drier stand
    • carboy/keg washer
    • carboy heater
    • carboy koozie
    • bottle washer (attaches to sink fixture)
    • bottling gun
    • EXTRAS: old capper, bottles, brush, assorted airlocks, carboy caps, brew minerals/salts, various grains, StarSan, hoses, connectors, picnic tap, stoppers, O-rings

    Also for sale: 2 tap kegerator, with 5 stainless steel, corny kegs w/ball valve fittings, for $375.

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